Got Questions? We got Answers.

Every time you trust someone into your home, you want to make you know them. And we understand that. Here are some questions our users had previously, so hopefully it helps you just as well.

Customer FAQS

How do I know that the contractors I book are reliable?

At ezi, our market researchers find local service companies that demonstrate reliable business. In addition to this, contractors are required to submit an application through Screening Canada, where they need to prove a certificate of insurance and verification of business. No contractor will be promoted without passing this process. 

How do I pay the contractor I booked?

The ezi app provides a secure payment method through Stripe, and also accepts online payment methods such as Apple and Google Pay.

Is ezi safe to use?

All documents uploaded by our users get stored in a multi-level encrypted storage facility. The ezi app provides a secure payment method through Stripe, and also uses secure online payment methods such as Apple and Google Pay.

What’s your privacy policy? 

Our privacy policy agreement can be found here. 

What’s your insurance policy?

All listed contractors are required to hold a valid commercial insurance policy at all times. Refer to our terms and conditions agreement for more details.

How do I delete a payment method?

On our app head to your Profile settings, and click “payment settings”. After this, a garbage bin should appear next to the payment methods you wish to delete.

When will I receive my refund?

Stripe handles all the payments and refunds through the ezi app. Therefore once the refund is approved it will be issued to the same card/bank account it was initially charged to. 

My contractor was late; what should I do?

Customers are only charged once the job has been started; if you feel unsatisfied you can report the contractor using our help page and the contractor will be penalized after our specialized team investigates the situation.  Refer to our terms and conditions agreement for more details.

How does ezi check its contractors’ background?

We have partnered up with Screening Canada to provide us with criminal and verification background checks of our listed contractors. Screening Canada is used by large corporations like Uber, Skip The Dishes, and InstaCart.

How to submit a review?

You will be prompted to submit a review when a job is marked complete. For previous jobs, you can go to Jobs tab, click on the job you want to review and you will be prompted to submit a review again.

Contractor FAQS

How do customers find my services?

Once a customer selects the service they require, ezi provides them with a list of contractors that meet their time and staff requirements. This will entail your profile being shown along with your company, rates, and past reviews.

What happens if I work over my booked time? 

When starting your task, the app provides you with a stopwatch feature indicating when the task has started and when it has finished. Customers are made aware in advance that the rate of your services is estimated, and may change due to instances that required work being completed past the booked time.

How do I promote more than 1 service?

In our app, there is a feature under “profile” that indicates the “services +” button. From there you can select another service under your account that will show the customer what else you have to offer. Business accounts will only be allowed to offer one service at a time; your main service can be changed seasonally to meet changing market demands.  

How long does it take until my business is promoted?

As soon as your account is created and verified, your business will be listed and ready to receive orders. As you get approved, make sure to add the availability and services you wish to provide. In our app, this feature is under “profile” which has the “services +” button. From here you can modify the listed hourly rate you need.

How do I promote my business on ezi?

We promote contractor profiles based on customer review, reliability, availability,  and total work volume. The algorithm developed  to promote contractors aims to reward contractors for using our platform. 

Still have questions?

We know we may not have every answer here, so if that’s the case just ask away! We will always try to keep this list updated with questions and answers.