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Get booked when you want, and get paid the way you want. Ezi service providers enjoy the many benefits of a booking platform at no cost!

In Short, Ezi helps you...

Make Extra Money

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Make Extra Money

Get requests to work whenever you are available. Turn your free time into money!

Save Time

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Save Time

Have all order details prepared, and booked according to your schedule. Get started on work faster than ever before.

Work Efficiently

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Work Efficiently

Get bookings without having to deal with all the marketing or struggles of setting up a CRM or multiple booking tools.

Included FREE Business Features

Order Pre-payment

All prices are set and orders are pre-booked with payment attached. Making life easier to and convenient. Moreover, your pay is safe and guaranteed.

Availability Management

You set the time and days you are available to work. Only get booked then and the schedule YOU set. Best of all, our app will handle booking so you are never over-booked.

Team Management

Do you have a team that works with you? Simply enroll the team members and they will be able to take on jobs as part of 1 business.

Order Management

Get a real-time view of your bookings in a calendar and list view, and even a detailed view of each jobs such as; location, revenue, staff assigned to the job, etc..

Communication System

Get direct and quick ways to communicate with clients via Chat and Voice call. No longer are you disconnected from the customer when fulfilling bookings.

Easy Mobile App

We are mobile. All you need is a phone and you are ready to take on new orders as they come up. You do not need any fancy equipment or software other than our App.

Why Choose Ezi?

Aside from giving you great features to help you get bookings quickly. We tackle the age-old struggle of finding customers. Our team is continuously building new systems and strategies to get new customers and retain existing customers.


So you can just relax and forget about any of that hassle.

I have my Own Customers...

Ezi is not exclusive, you can list your services and continue working with your existing customers outside of the platform.  We even offer tools to integrate into your existing scheduling systems to ensure you never get over-booked.

Ready To Join? Let's do it...

You can sign up right away with our App,  or you may also drop us a line and we will reach out and guide you through setting up your business on Ezi.

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